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Hi! It's me Monster Paws from YT. Idk if u remember meh tough...

I remember you because you had an interesting name haha :)

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I made an acting showreel for my friend Kim!!

What do you guys think?

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Desna and Eska by AlexielApril
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"How the Media Failed Women in 2013," courtesy of Miss Representation. This is mind-boggling and you must watch it right now.


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You are a beautiful person. Always remember that even if no one else in the world seems to care about you I do. If I was able, I would hold you to me and tell you everything will be okay.

Oh :)
Well thank you anonymous

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  1. Favorite Emoticon?
    :3 (it’s a kitty, kay?)
  2. Favorite Website?
  3. If you could be in any disney movie, which would it be and why?
    OH GOD! Umm Lion King. Because Lions. And Kovu’s a babe.
  4. Favorite Childhood TV Show and if you didn’t watch tv.. book?
    Avatar the Last Airbender!
  5. Last text you sent and the last person you actually talked to on the phone?
    Last text - to my boyfriend. Last call - to the mother.
  6. Story Behind your username?
    I went to a party once dressed as a Doona (come as something starting with the first letter of your name) and the name kind of stuck at school. I was also a bit of a drama queen, so BAM - MissDoonaQueen.
  7. Favorite Scene from your Favorite Show?
    Breaking Bad - When Walt blows up the drug lord’s place using his fake meth and officially becomes a bad ass!
  8. Avatar or YJ character you relate the most to? (If you don’t watch either of those shows, first of all - what are you doing with your life?! but you can just pic from your fave show |:)
  9. Pick: Being glued to your sibling (or parent if you’re an only child) for a week OR being stuck in a classroom with the teacher you hate the most for 12 hours?
    The teacher one. BRING IT ON YA DICK!
  10. How would you describe your scent?
    Ummmmm Marc Jacob’s Daisy? ;)
  11. Coffee or Tea?
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My bending is more powerful than yours, Hama. Your technique is useless on me!

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We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

So weird that you guys don’t send owls anymore!

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Giveaway: MuggleNet’s ‘The Hogwarts Collection’ by Black Milk Clothing « MuggleNet.com Blog

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